Thursday, 24 November 2016


Let's learn new words today!

1) Prodigy (noun) - extremely talented person, especially a child
"My sister is a tennis prodigy rivaling her friends"

2) Realm (noun) - a subject or area in which an individual has curiosity, experience, or knowledge
"Because Donald is not familiar with the realm of politics, he should not run for national office"

3) Juggernaut (noun) - a large item that is seen as unstoppable and can destroy anything in its way
"The fact George is undefeated in political elections makes him a juggernaut"

4) Browbeat (verb) - to bully in an intimidating way
"Daniel browbeats his girlfriend, threatening to call the police."

5) Ajar (adjective) - slightly open
"She left her bedroom door ajar, so I figured it was safe to enter"

That's all. Thankyou :)


Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Hello and a very good evening I bid to all readers!

Last week, Miss Jo had organized a debate tournament for all of us (madpp students). We competed among each others in our own classes before being selected to enter the semi finals and final which had been held at theatrette 2. It was such a great experience for me as I once again teamed up with Amirul Afiq together with Sharifah. At first, I was quite ashamed as I felt I was the 'dumbest' among the three of us. However, as time flew, we got to catch up as a team and eventually made it to the FINAL! 

I still remember our very first motion that we got - TBHT Optimus Prime should rule the world - was actually our suggested motion for the debate. To be honest, we didn't have any intentions of winning at all as Amirul Afiq had once said, "we need to lose this one. we need to give this opportunity to Adib". Competing with Adib's team as the beginning for our debate session was not a really promising start. We thought losing might be the best option. But we forgot that we got Amirul Afiq at the first place, so winning was becoming easy for us haha. "It's okay, we still have chance to lose", said Amirul Afiq. So our losing mission didn't end there. Despite our will to lose the next debate, we still struggled to find the points related to our position as the Opposition under the motion THW negotiate with terrorists. We wanted to lose with dignity too :p However, the luck didn't seem to be on our side once again as we also won the second round of debate!!! It was really surprising as we had been qualified to the semi finals - which was far far from what we had expected.

Being qualified into the semi finals had made us being more serious in researching points for the debate as our opponent asked for a motion which is quite "sensitive" I suppose : THW abolish Malay Supremacy Rights. I was shocked at first as I had prepared for the other motion which was much easier than that. But, it's okay, I just followed the flow as I already had quite few knowledge on our Federal Constitution after Biro Tatanegara Camp. As the Opposition, we were absolutely standing against the motion as we didn't think abolishing Malay Supremacy Rights would be a good idea as it might as well affects the content it the Art.153 in our Federal Constitution (politician mood: turn on :p). To our surprise, again, the motion had been announced to fall!!! So we WON once againnnn... The thought of getting into final round sent chill into my nerves as our team would debate with Helena's team (they were superb), under the motion, "There is an anti-emotion pill. THW make it compulsory for everyone to take it." Standing as the Prime Minister of the Government was not as easy as I thought because I had to define our motion very precisely and present our mechanism very explicitly. I might say that our team had done our best but we were not destined to win that motion. Losing for the first time at the final was the most satisfying defeat I ever experienced in my life. I didn't have any regret in losing as I had been this far despite our main aim which was to lose from the very beginning. And, what surprised me the most is, our second motion for the debate had been questioned in our final exam today! What a luck!

There's a lot of thing that I have learnt from this debate competition, thanks to Miss Jo and the others, and not to forget, my teammates, for being so supportive and I really enjoyed the debate in spite of our packed schedule with pre-test maths last week. Even though this was not my first time joining a debate tournament, but this one was the most memorable one for me. We won a hamper! Plus, now I know that there are differences between the prompt of the motion - This House Would (THW) and This House Believe That (THBT). It was a great experience ever!!!

See the happy faces there after receiving an unexpected-to-win hamper! XD

That's all from me :) Hope you have some fun reading my messy entry this time. Thank you :)


Monday, 21 November 2016


Hello and good evening everyone!

Today I'm gonna post an entry on a movie that I had watched for about few months ago. Its title is Juno. I don't wanna blabber more on the synopsis 'cause I've been quite busy recently due to upcoming final exams.
Juno is a sixteen-year-old girl who is pregnant with Paulie's child. This movie shows how a girl is dealing with her unexpected pregnancy at a very young age. At first, Juno considers abortion, however, she decides to keep the baby after visiting the abortion centre. With the help of her friend, she finds out a couple who really wants the baby, so she decides to give it to them after her labor. But, there are conflicts happened in the middle of her pregnancy period as the husband of the couple suddenly refuses to accept the baby as he says that he doesn't even ready yet for such things. It is amazing of how Juno gets to deal with those adults' problems as she is only 16 on that time. I won't spoil anymore, if you wanna know, go and watch it by yourself :p


I can't even imagine how I would react if I know I'm pregnant. I probably would just think the easiest way to solve the problem, which is to just abort it. Juno did a good job in cancelling her abortion as she thought it would be the best choice after all. She could give the baby to someone who really needs it instead of just "killing" the innocent baby. I would perhaps do the same as what Juno did - only after tons of considerations hehe - because I think by aborting it, things will not change as what I expect it to be. It would not ultimately solve the problems, yet the feeling of guilyt might as well haunt me for the rest my life. I should also consider the aftermath of the abortion - whether it may harm in any ways possible. Furthermore, in this life, there will always be unfortunate people who really want to have a baby after years of marriage but perhaps because of certain inevitable circumstances, they could not have it. Hence, giving the baby to these kind of people would be more considerable. The baby has its right to stay alive, to breathe the same air as we do :)

That's all for Juno! Hehehe thanks again for reading. I rate Juno with 4.3 out of 5 stars!
Do watch it sometimes, it's worth it!


Friday, 18 November 2016



Here's more words to learn........

1) Suffrage (noun) - a legal right to vote
"There has been a great deal said in Malaysia in regard to giving the right of suffrage to those who age 21 and above"

2) Confound (verb) - to mix up or confuse
"The purpose of the article is not to confound the readers but to inform them"

3) Dote (verb) - shower with love ; show excessive affection for
"He doted on her, just dearly love her"

4) Doleful (adjective) - filled with sadness and grief
"My mother’s eyes were doleful after my father moved out of the house"

5) Lavish (adjective) - luxurious or elegant 
"Even though Iffah had a good job, she still could not afford to take lavish trips like her wealthy girlfriends"

That's all :')


Thursday, 17 November 2016



So basically I have not been posting any entries for about two days already. My time schedule was quite packed with all the maths pre-tests and and also the debates last week hewhew.

So today I will post a review on a movie that I had watched with all of my friends together with miss jo at the theatrette. Its title is 'The Help'. At first, I thought it was a kind of action or perhaps horror movie ahahhahaha (idk why i was thinking like that) as I didn't know what 'The Help' means. So noob right? XD But it's okay, now I already know that the Help actually means the housekeeper, thanks to that movie tho :)

EMMA STONE's there! And what's your first impression after seeing the poster?
The Help is a story featuring a young girl named Skeeter who has a dream to become a writer after finishing her college years. She tries to start by choosing to interviews the black women who have devoted their time by taking care of prominent white families' children - The Help. She wants to know how they feel all this time when they work for those white families. However, her efforts to interview are not being supported much by her friends and also the helps themselves as they are too scared if their families' safety would be jeopardized if they are willing to do the interview as the Anti-Civil Rights movement is vigorously active at that time. Only Aibileen - one of her best friend's housekeeper - who is willing to do it at last. She takes risk when both of them meet secretly for quite long time before more women decide to come forward and join too. This movie shows how black people have been discriminated from the white society in United States at that time.


Aibileen Clark, for sure! If I could choose two, I would pick her best friend, Minny Jackson who is also a maid at another house. Unfortunately, due to the extreme hatred towards her, she has been fired after using the same toilet as the family. On that movie, one of the discrimination that we could see is when all the black maids are compulsory to have their own toilet in every household that hire black maids as they believe that these black people bring disease to them. The reason why I like Aibileen is because she is brave enough to face the risks that might come along after she agrees to do the interview with Skeeter. So does her friend, Minny. Even though she quite disagrees with Aibileen's decision on doing the interview at first, but she finally changes her mind after she has been fired by her employer. They tell Skeeter all of their stories from the beginning up until the end without mentioning their employers' names. As time flies, more maids willingly want to help with the interview. Minny's hatred towards white families is fading after she gets a job at Celia's house. Celia treats her with respect and she does not discriminate her at all. At that time, Minny knows that not every white people is bad and she finally accepts Celia and their relationship deepens after that.

This is a great movie!!! Even though it takes 2 hour and a half to finish, but it's worth it. Serious talk. So, I do rate this movie 4.5 out of 5! Go and watch it peeps!


Monday, 14 November 2016


So, here's another vocabulary entry. Have fun learning new words!

1. Binge (noun) : a short period of excessive consumption
"I lock my pantry to help me overcome binge eating."

2. Fortitude (noun) : strength of mind that enables a person to face challenges with courage
"The small boy’s fortitude allowed him to stand up to the school bully."

3. Inure (verb) : to become immune to unpleasant events or situations
"After a while, the guards were able to inure themselves to the voices of the prisoners begging for freedom."

4. Malinger (verb) : to pretend to be sick or injured in order to avoid doing work
"The lazy student tried to malinger when it was time to work on his essay."

5. Rancor (noun) : a feeling of hate or anger
"Although my boyfriend betrayed me, I have no rancor towards him"

Only 5 words for today hehe :))))  See ya tomorrow :p


Sunday, 13 November 2016


This is a movie that I watched a day ago when I went out for an outing at Ipoh. Because most of my friends were going to watch Doctor Strange - which I already watched last weekend - so I decided to just watch Fallen. The reason why I chose to watch Fallen was because its poster. Hahaha. The heroes look undeniably charming, and the girl too, looks absolutely pretty XD It's cliche for us to judge a movie based on its poster, right? And it's true tho, the poster is quite similar to Twillight's poster. LOL. Even though I know this movie is adapted from a novel by Lauren Kate, I still didn't know the plot of the story before I watched it. But, I was definitely sure it is a fantasy movie.

The first 30 minutes of watching the movie, I was still confused with the story line. However, as the story went on, I slowly got the plot. I knew what's actually happening in there haha (so noob me). The story is about a girl named Luce who is sent to Sword and Cross Academy after being judged as a psychopath by the outsiders. Luce has a problem where she has always been disturbed by the shadows that have eventually killed the people she loved. When she goes to S&C Academy, the first guy that she meets is Cam - an eerie yet handsome guy - who is said to be the most troublesome student at that place. She has been advised to keep her distance from him from the first day she steps in. After a few days of staying there, she meets a girl named Molly who seems to be really furious with her presence in the academy. Finally, she meets Daniel. She has the guts that saying she already knows him, for a long long time. But, when she asks Daniel about it, he keeps avoiding her and saying that she is wrong.

 Long story short, the story turns out to be quite surprising when I knew that Daniel is actually one of 'the fallen' - the angels that have been exiled from the heaven because they failed to chose between God and Love - and Luce is her lifetime lover since hundred years ago. Unfortunately, after a kiss between, the girl dies, because of the curse from God to the angel. Then, she would be reincarnate again, and they fall in love again, and the same thing happens - she dies after the first kiss. Daniel tries to avoid her because he doesn't want her to die anymore. Cam tries to get but Daniel ultimately told Cam  that he couldn't do it as he is also an angel and he is worse than him as he cooperates with Lucifer. Knowing the fact that Luce hasn't yet baptized sent chills to his bones. She would not be to reincarnate again after this. 

Okay, enough with the spoilers :p


Hmmm... I'm not sure if I am satisfied with the ending. It leaves me hanging. Even though it was a happy ending, where Daniel successfully saved Luce from being dead after their first kiss, but it just ends there. Luce was brought by Daniel to a safer place (by flying of course because he's an angel :p) and that's it.  I am expecting more and more. Perhaps, there would be a sequel but I can't confirm it yet, but I really hope so. If you asks me whether I like the story or not, I would say YES, I like the story, perhaps because I'm a fantasy-based story lover. I like the angels' wings to be exact. They were damn cool you know. Even though I know such angels are never exist, but it still triggers my sense of 'wanting' to have that kind of boyfriend - who has wings, can fly HAHAHA such a nonsense wish I have lol. Btw, I would rate this movie 3.9 out of 5. Perhaps if the ending is more acceptable for me, I could give a 4 for this movie hahaha. For those who love to read fantasy, go and watch this :)

Au revoir. 


Saturday, 12 November 2016

MOVIE REVIEW : Marvel's Doctor Strange

Hello! For today, I'm gonna post an entry on movie review. To be honest, I had watched this movie since last weekend but I didn't have the time to do a review on it yet. So now, here I am, working on it. Hope you guys enjoy reading it :p

Doctor Strange is an American superhero film adapted from the Marvel's Comics. It is a story about a surgeon named Stephen Strange, who is badly injured after an accident that has eventually affected his career as a surgeon. His hands could not work as they were before and he could not be able to operate on his patients anymore. Dr. Strange feels so disappointed and he eventually determined to heal his hands by deciding to go to Nepal and learns magic from the Ancient One at a place named Kamar Taj.

At first, he finds it quite hard for him to learn all of those magic things but she - the Ancient One, and yeah she's a woman haha - has detected something powerful about Dr. Strange and decides to keep on teaching him. In the end, he is able to become one of the most 'skillful' student that she has. He is a very hard-working student (lol) as he always learns something new from books that he borrowed from the library. He learns how to bend time with the help of the Eye of Agamotto. He uses all his skills to defeat Kaecilius, who is cooperating with Dormammu of the Dark Dimension as he believes that they should live forever in a place where time does not exist.

Okay. That's all for the synopsis of the story. I don't want to be a goddamn spoiler to all who haven't yet watch the movie XD


First things first, I really love the effects of the movie. It looks really real and I found it totally mind-boggling and WOW... I definitely can't forget the scene where all the city suddenly become separated into different layers and everything seems really confusing but it's cool. I also like the way the producer put the humorous sense in the movie. It is really unexpected when suddenly Mordo said that the word on a piece paper that he gave to Strange was actually a WiFi password. HAHA I laughed so hard on that scene. Same goes to the scene where he suddenly mentioned about Beyonce to Wong but Wong seemed to be confused about who Beyonce could be, but eventually he was also the one who listened to Beyonce's song during his reading in the library.  The cloak that he wore during his fight with Kaecilius was a lit. It could do anything including to soothing Strange's feeling - the secene where the cloak suddenly wiped Strange's tears really made me burst to laugh so hard haha XD

There's still much more that I like about this movie despite its too-fast-progressing plot, but these are the only one that I remembered. I can't wait to see the sequel of Doctor Strange as I was quite surprised that Mordo suddenly changed and became a bad guy during the post-credit scene.  So for now, that's it. Overall, I could rate this movie 4.3 out of 5 :)

Have fun reading and if you haven't watch yet, have fun watching!!!


Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Today I'm gonna post an entry on vocabulary.

 Antidote (noun) : something that relieves or counteracts
"Bonn found that listening to French music was an antidote for his homesickness."

Absolve (verb) : to free from guilt
"Emily felt greatly relieved after her mother absolved her for breaking the vase."

Accentuate (verb) : to emphasize
"Jo used red ribbons to accentuate the coppery tones in her hair."

Clairvoyance (noun) : ability to see things beyond ordinary perception
"Fiqa used her clairvoyance to help Hadri find his lost pet"

Demean (verb) : to lower status
"The embarrassing photograph demeaned the candidate in the eyes of the voters."

Demeanor (noun) : behavior towards others
"Iffah was well-known because of her charming demeanor."

Euphoria (noun) : feeling of great happiness
"John was full with euphoria when she met his long-lost twin, Lola."

Lurid (adjective) : causing horror, shocking
"The lurid photos of the crime scene scared me to death."

Scamper (verb) : to run quickly
"The frightened kitten scampered away from the man."

DONE! Okay, that's all for today :)))) 
See ya tomorrow :p


Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Hello peeps!!!

Today I'm gonna post an entry about a movie that I had watched for about few weeks ago. Its title - THE FALL. By just hearing the title, I guessed the movie would possibly has its setting around battlefield or war, however my guess sank away after I watched it. Frankly speaking, it was a great movie to watch!

The story features a Romanian girl named Alexandria who is hospitalized for her broken arms and has met Roy, a stuntman who is also hospitalized at the same hospital as he gets injured while filming one of his film and has the possibility to be paralyzed. Roy tells Alexandria a story behind her name and he promised to tell an epic tale when she comes back the day after.

After that day, Alexandria always goes to Roy and he tells her a story of five different person - a black bandit, Charles Darwin, an Indian warrior, an Italian explosives expert, an ex-slave - who have the same intention of seeking their revenge on Governor Odious. A mystic later joins them and helps them throughout their journey to the Odious' place.

Those five heroes in the epic tale

There is another reason behind the story-telling between Roy and Alexandria. Roy wants to use her in getting the Morphine in order to attempt suicide because he has been dumped by his love. The story evolves as the black bandit turns out to be Roy and Alexandria suddenly features in the tale too. In the end, Roy kills one by one of the characters and made Alexandria so upset of the story. She wants the story to have a happy ending but Roy insists as he says "it's my story". To be short, Roy finally decides to let the black bandit and the girl survives in the end. The story ends when both Roy and Alexandria have returned to his work and her home.


Its cinematography is absolutely astonishing. I love it when the movie sets its setting in many beautiful places around the world. What amazed me the most was when my lecturer said that the casts of the movie really went to those places to get the real image of the scene instead of editing them on the computers. WOW. I also like the characters in the Roy's tale as each of them have their own uniqueness and their own stories behind the reason they wanna seek revenge on Governor Odious. The movie also features different cultures and I like it. Not  to forget, Alexandria is also one of my favorite character because she is so cute. Her stammer makes her character more cuter as I could see how hard she tries to communicate with Roy at first. She also shows great affection towards Roy as she wills to do anything to help Roy including to risk herself to get the Morphine in the pharmacy. Even though Roy treats her a bit cruel in the end by killing all the characters one by one but he still makes up his mind at last - it is the best thing to do for Alexandria.

One of the great cinematography featured in the movie

I could say that would definitely love it or hate it in the end. So, go & watch it!
I rate this movie 3.9 out 5 :)))

Hasta La Vista...


Saturday, 13 August 2016


Here are some new vocabulary that I had learnt throughout this week :)))

1) acquit (verb)
: to decide that someone is not guilty of a crime
- the jury acquitted the defendant because there wasn't enough evidence to convict him of the crime.

2) in absentia (adverb)
: without being present
- she was convicted of the crime in absentia.

3) purge (verb)
: to remove people from an area, country or organization often in violent way // to cause something leave the body
- High-ranking officials were purged from the company following the merger.

4) catharsis (noun)
: the act or process of releasing a strong emotion (such as pity or fear) especially expressing it in art form
- Acting is a means of catharsis for her.

5) meager (adjective)
: very small or too small in amount // not having enough of something (such as money or food) for comfort or happiness
- Every morning he eats a meager breakfast of toast and coffee.


MOVIE REVIEW : An Education

 Bonjour tous le monde! :p

Wonder why I suddenly greet in French? HAHAHA >.< Actually last day, I watched a movie entitled 'An Education' that had been screened in the theattrette 2 for our weekly movie by Miss Jo. This movie had some scenes acted in Paris.

This movie is very likely relatable to youths like me, like us. Education is really necessary in order for us to be successful in the future. Every of us has different perspective on education but for me, education is an obligation. 

An education is a story about a 16-year-old clever schoolgirl who was currently preparing herself for Oxford University in reading English. She was taking her A-level exams in a school and she was one of the top student there. She was determined with her goals to go to Oxford until one day a glamorous older man named David approaches her and brings her to restaurants, concerts and also Paris. She started to neglect her study and followed the man, As time flew, she left her school and in the end, she found out that David was already married. She was so furious and left him. Finally, she was accepted to Oxford University after resuming her study in following year. 

One thing that I can learn from this movie is, we should not put aside our study just for enjoyment, There is no reason for us to stop learning as learning can bring more knowledge to us and it would not be a waste. Do not ever distracted by unnecessary things around us. We should have clear and vivid goals that we want to achieve in our life. By having those goals, we will be able to set our missions on the right track in order to make the dreams come true. 

In conclusion, education comes first, enjoyment comes second :)) 

Last of all, I do rate this movie 4 out 5! It is great movie though! No regret watching it ~


Sunday, 7 August 2016


1) yahoo (noun)
: a person who is very rude, loud, or stupid
- some yahoo cut me off in traffic.

2) convict (verb)
: law: to prove that someone is guilty of a crime in a court of law
- he was convicted in federal court.

3) limbo (noun)
: a state of uncertainty
- he is still in limbo

4) vivacious (adjective)
: happy and lively in a way that is attractive
- an outgoing, vivacious girl who became a successful sales rep.
- the poem is a vivacious expression of his love for her.

5) reform (verb)
: to improve (someone or something) by removing or correcting faults, problems etc // to improve your own behavior or habits
- The program is designed to reform prisoners. 
- The laws need to be reformed. 


Friday, 5 August 2016


Hello and good morning ;)

     I don't know what had happened lately but I kept on having trouble in accessing WiFi from the hostel. Hahaha so today I wanna post as many entry as I can because I had already watched so many movies so far.

    So basically Flipped is a romance movie featuring two main character who are both knowing each other since they were in standard 1. Bryce Loski and his family had moved to a place and are destined to be the neighbor of the Baker's family. Juli Baker had fallen in love with Bryce by just looking into his dazzling eyes. Juli tried to approach Brycle in any way that she could think of but Brycle didn't take it well. He kept on avoiding her up until one day he finally realized his true feeling toward Juli after "losing" her. 

    I really like this movie as it makes me flutter in each and every scenes that featuring both of them. The cuteness of Juli Baker and how determined Bryce Loski in running away from Juli are very adorable. I like Juli as she was a really tough girl despite her cheerful looks and she was really matured in her thinking. This movie gives me the views from both sides, and it helps me to know how both of them are feeling during certain scenes and events. I also like Bryce Loski for his manly approach at last as he think that he likes Juli and wishes to tell her the truth. He had such guts to keep on winning back Juli's heart and finally he did it. He planted a sycamore tree in front of her yard as he knew that Juli's favorite sycamore tree around the neighborhood had been cut down. His effort had paid off when Juli finally went out of her house and asked him if he needs any help. I grinned all the way from the beginning up until the end of the story especially at the last scene but not for the Daniel's scene. Daniel was Juli's retarded uncle that live separately from her family but most of her family expenses had been spent on him. 

     Last of all, I really love this movieeeeee. Hands down for my new favorite romance comedy movie. I do rate it 4.8/5 but I hope they should be more scenes after the ending huhu but it's okay. 

Do watch Flipped guys! It's totally worth it :)))))


Saturday, 30 July 2016

ESSAY : Animal Farm

Have you guys ever read Animal Farm - an allegory of the failed Russian revolution of 1917 by George Orwell - before? 
Here is the essay that I've made based on the prompt, "Do you think this work is still relevant now? Why/Why not?"


          An allegorical novella by George Orwell which entitled Animal Farm has given me so much fun and worthwhile knowledge during the reading venture. By reading this allegory of the Russian Revolution, I can easily understand the way that revolutions can and have gone wrong, due to the misuse and corruption of those in power. Throughout the reading, I do believe and sure that this novel of George Orwell has its own relevancy with what is actually happening with the world nowadays, especially with something related to politics and corruption in the individuals who have power.

The novel remains relevant to the society nowadays as we still can see how some still cannot hold power properly – always have the temptation to misuse it. In the novel, I can clearly see how Napoleon had taken the advantages of being a leader by eliminating Snowball from the farm as he thought Snowball as its rival that might overtook his power in any time. Napoleon also put blame on Snowball when the farm suffered a setback. In today’s context, I can relate this to any number of dictators around the world. The simplest instance that I can relate to is the government of my own country which have severely misused the power over the population and the privileges that they have just for the sake of their own selves. They executed all of those person who tried to overthrow their power and those who tried to tell the true stories behind their corruptions in leading the country. They have the authority to eliminate every people who put difficulties on their way, thinking them as the obstacles that are needed to be avoided in order to defend their privileges. This has proven the relevancy of Animal Farm in portraying the dictator such as Napoleon that can somehow be related to today’s governs in most countries including my own country, Malaysia.

I do believe that Animal Farm is undoubtedly relevant now due to the fact that the corruptions are still on-going in people with privileges – not necessarily politicians. Once a person has the taste of power in his hand, the tendency of him to become corrupted is slightly higher than a person who does not have the power at all. It is portrayed in the Animal Farm when Squealer had told the farm citizens that the pigs needed more milks and apples in order to sustain themselves as they are said to be the most hardworking animal in ensuring the management of Animal Farm was smooth. To relate it with the world nowadays, I can see some individuals are giving false promises to the other group of individuals in attempt to get benefits from them on the other hand. Usually, in a democratic country, the leader would be chosen based on the choice of the population themselves. Some of the leaders would take the chances for granted by promoting false promises, just for seeking attentions of the people to vote for them. In the end, they do not even take responsibility for whatever promises that they had made. The corruptions like these are still happening and that is why Animal Farm is utterly relevant to the world today.

To sum it up, I strongly think that the work of George Orwell entitled Animal Farm is still relevant now due to the situations that are currently taking places in the world nowadays are likely related to things that are happening in most parts of the story.


Friday, 22 July 2016

MOVIE REVIEW : Before I Go To Sleep

Hello everybody!

This week I had watched a few psycho movies but I think this one is quite interesting to be written as my movie review >.<


Looking at the title had made me assume of many things about this movie. At first, I think it is a horror movie but it turned out to be a mystery thriller film that had left me wondering about how if this kind of situation would eventually happen for real in my life. 

Starring Nicole Kidman as Christine Lucas who is suffering a disease that causes her to lose her memories on her previous days up until his early twenties. She stays in a house with man named Ben, who is said to be her husband. Christine receives treatment from Dr. Nash, a neurologist at a local hospital who gives her a camera to record her thoughts and progress each day, and calls her every morning to remind her to watch the video in the camera. Dr. Nash instructs Christine to keep the camera hidden from Ben and reveals that her memory loss occurred after she was attacked and left for dead near an airport hotel. They surmise that Ben tells Christine it was a car accident to avoid upsetting her. The truth keeps revealing when Christine realizes that she actually has a son named Adam but Ben says he is dead. The zenith is when Christine knows that the person that she calls Ben all this time is not the real Ben - not the real husband of her. 

I like this movie because of its plot twists. I still remember when Christine suddenly remembers the name of the person that has something to do with what she has gone through all this time. MIKE - that name. At first time, I do think that Dr. Nash is the real 'Mike', however in the end, Mike is actually the person that stays with her in the house. He acts as Ben in order to stay with Christine. During her twenties, Christine had an affair with Mike and she ended up being abused and hit by Mike as she refused to tell the truth to his husband, Ben. Since that time, Christine suffered the memory loss. Ben had to leave her for Adam`s sake. Eventually, Adam is actually alive. In the end of this movie, Mike had been caught and Christine was warded when Ben and Adam came to visit her. 

I like this kind of movie - thriller and mystery. For that, I can rate Before I Go To Sleep with 4 out of 5 stars!! Looking forward to see more movies like this soon :')


Saturday, 16 July 2016


New vocab are coming .........................................................................................

1) constitute (verb)
: to be the pieces that make a whole
- Fifty states constitute the U.S.A

2) underlying (adjective)
: forming the basis for something
- There is no single way to put an end to drug addiction since there are too many underlying causes.

3) negate (verb)
: to make not true or not effective
- Studying late into the night might help you learn more, but sleeping less negates the positive effects.

4) perceive (verb)
: to be aware of // to sense or feel
- If hunters are skilled, the animals will not perceive their presence. 

5) perplex (verb)
: to confuse somebody
- Even skilled mathematicians are sometimes perplexed by physics, since the logic comes not from abstract rules but from the physical world. 


Thursday, 23 June 2016

MOVIE REVIEW : The Imitation Game

Holla ~

THE IMITATION GAME - one of the mind-blowing movies that I had watched last week.

I learnt lots of new things from this movie.


Yasss, enigma is one of them.

Before this, I had no idea about what enigma is actually about. Now, I do really amazed on how people can break the codes of enigma. It is so cool, definitely cool!

I don't want to tell the summary of the movie because I am not willing to give the spoiler. For everyone who still don't watch this movie, you MUST watch it. Seriously.

I do like this movie because of the persistence of the main character - Alan Turing - who had been bullied in his secondary and been rescued by a friend named Christopher. Since then, they had been good friends until one day after a long break, Christopher didn't come back to school. Alan got the news that Christopher was dead, leaving him scarred. Christopher was the one who introduced ciphers and codes to Alan as he had once said that Alan would be good in those things. After he grew up, he had became an introvert yet very intelligent. He offered himself to work for breaking the enigma. He built a machine to break the enigma and named it after Christopher. Everybody thought that he was insane but because of his undeniable effort, he finally succeed.

What makes me a bit disappointed about the main character is when he admitted that he was a gay. That is why he was really desolated when Christopher died, as he had fallen in love with Christopher before that. It is too sad that he was actually dead for committing suicide. His creation is now known as computers.

All over all, I do rate this movie 4.5 over 5 stars! Enjoyed watching as I had learnt lots from it :")


Saturday, 18 June 2016


Hello and a very good evening.

So here are the new words that I have learnt throughout this week.

1. Facile - arrived at without due to care or effort; lacking depth.
"As one teacher remarks about a trouble student, "There is no facile solution"

2. Bestow - present.
"He bestowed public buildings and river improvements in return for votes.

3. Need - pay close attention to.
"But she was already too far gone to heed the warning voice."

4. Exalt - praise, glorify, or honor.
"Some exalt themselves by anonymously posting their own laudatory reviews."

5. Cower - crouch or curl up.
"The knaves lowered their weapons and shrank back cowering before him"

6. Fathom - come to understand.
"After flying for so many years, the idea of hanging up his sparkling wings is hard for him to fathom"

7. Accrue - increase.
"Jeremy’s only goal in life seems to be to accrue as much money as he can."

8. Acidulous - harsh in manner or flavor.
"Because the salesclerk spoke to me in an acidulous tone, I chose to take my business elsewhere."

9. Fervid - marked by great passion or zeal.
"The candidate made a fervid speech that held the audience’s attention."

10. Inflation - a steady rise in the prices of services and goods.
"Inflation occurs as the value of currency decreases."


Friday, 10 June 2016

MOVIE REVIEW : Me Before You :')

Hello everyone!

Actually I had written this review for almost a week but today is the only chance I have to post it on my blog due to a very good and excellent WIFI connection here. Sorry for that haha. So here it is.

Long time no see and now I’m back here to write a new entry on a movie that I just watched last Saturday, which is, ME BEFORE YOU. It has been adapted from a novel by Jojo Moyes. It was awesome – totally awesome I can say. I never cried over an English movie before, but this movie had made me cry so hard- so hard until my eyes were swollen. I was grateful that I was not reading the novel yet; if not I would end up being like Zarith, crying all the way from the very first minute the movie was started. Arghhh I still can’t accept the heartbreaking ending of this movie. It left me with severe heartbreaks and disappointment. WHYYYYYYYYY? WHYYYY IT HAD TO END LIKE THAT?! :’(

Image result for me before you

A successful banker and active man in his past, William Traynor never knew that his life would turn out to be the biggest nightmare to him. He was paralyzed- almost all parts of his body were not functioning except for his brain to think, eyes to blink, nose to breathe, and mouth to talk- due to a motorbike accident in the past couple years.

Louisa Clark or people do often called her “Lou” was a quirky and dauntless young woman. She was quirky in her way of clothing haha. She often wore something that I can’t even describe it as fashionable but for her, it is, and that’s making her somewhat unique and special. She was dauntless and never give up in finding money to support her family. Her boyfriend, Patrick was a sports man. She had been with him for about 7 years, without loving him that much. Her cheerful attitude had been tested when she was given a job to become a caregiver for a paralyzed man which is William.

The story goes on when Lou was able to change the cynical outlook of William to become someone that can laugh and smile like the others. Knowing that William will end up killing himself in a Dignitas House in Switzerland in the next 6 months, Lou had planned lots of events and things, hoping for William to have slightly change in his thought about his plan. Lou broke up with Pat and went for William as she knew that William meant a lot to her. William confessed to Lou that she was the only reason that he could get up every morning at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. They had spent lots of happy time together and Lou expected Will to cancel his plan to Switzerland.

The scene on the island was the most tensing one. I cried a lot at this. Lou told William that she loved him, and she mentioned about the Dignitas and she hoped that he could abandon as she would do anything for him as long as he was alive. Will said he did have the best time with Lou for loving her and they had special times together but he could not insist himself to continue with his plan as he could not bear to live on a wheelchair; he did mention about his torturing life in past two years, living in such hopes for getting up being normal every morning and those dreams were just dreams that would never come true- he is permanently paralyzed. Lou was angry and sad. After getting back home, Lou quitted being the caregiver. Ahhh it’s so depressing to write about this. What I can just say is, Lou ended up giving in and letting William to continue with his plan. She visited him for the last time at they spent their last time together there. The last scene showed that Lou was sitting on a chair at the café in somewhere in Paris, reading William’s last will for her.

My favorite part of this movie was when Will gave the most unexpectable birthday present to Lou. A yellow stripes legging that had been Lou's favorite outfit when she was little. That was so cute, I couldn't handle myself from laughing hard at that time.  

I do love the character of Louisa Clark in this movie as she was really cute in her action even though sometimes she looked pretty clumsy and weirdo. I do love William Traynor as well. He is handsome no matter how he looks- in long hair or short hair. Sam Claflin is always be my favorite actor, since his appearance in Love Rosie. And now I’m looking forward for the next movie of him. By the way, he did a great in playing the role of William Traynor in this movie. It left a big impact on me. I still can’t forget the way he moved on his wheelchair and the way he smiled in this movie. Huhuhuhuhu *cries*

I had watched the trailer of Me Before You once before I watched it on the cinema and I was like ‘hmm nothing special about this movie I guess’, ‘eww Sam Claflin on a wheelchair with that long hair style? Looks terrible’. Those thoughts were totally vanished after I watched the whole movie. It was great. Fantastic! Worth-watching movie. Last night I had a gut to re-watch the trailer and without noticing, I felt tears. Ahhhhh why I need to watch this again ha-ha. To sum it up, I do rate the movie 4 STARS. I will give the last remaining star if the director changes the ending and bring William back to live. HAHAHA

Okay that’s all from me. Have fun reading!